Neurozone® Consulting and Organizational Integration 

Facilitating the adoption of behavioral changes that are aligned with your organizational goals

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How does it work?

Neurozone®’s Organizational Development Consultants partner with your Human Capital and Leadership teams to establish the best ways to guide your organization towards optimal, system-wide employee performance.

Broadly, Consultants help identify and facilitate the adoption of behavioral changes that are aligned with your organizational goals of human development and wellbeing.

What are the practical steps involved?

More specifically, Neurozone® Consulting services include: 

  • Report feedback
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Orientation and assessment administration
  • Webinars/tutorials, individual/team coaching
  • Group coaching workshops
  • Team report training
  • Project management
  • Focus session and reporting – as well as other forms of development support that may benefit your particular organization

Services include:

Why NZ

Report Feedback

Feedback is given, and discussions are facilitated using the Neurozone® Reports (Individual Report, Team Report, or Heatmaps) as a reference to unlock insights regarding the individual or group’s performance-boosting and -inhibiting behaviors.

Awareness Campaigns

Awareness Campaigns consist of weekly nuggets of information sent to the whole organization based on an organizational recommendation. Information could be in the form of an article, quote, video, or image relating to the topic.

Communication can be sent out via the internal communication channels of the client's organization (e.g., Slack, Google Chat, email) or Neurozone® can send out emails to the client's organization.

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Orientation and Assessment Administration sessions

The aims of these sessions are for team members to understand resilience and high performance readiness from a Neurozone® perspective, and to understand how the Neurozone® Code can help build high-performing individuals, teams, and organizations. During these sessions, the project plan, interventions, and assessments will be introduced to the team, time will be given for individuals to complete their assessments, and team members will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Webinars and Tutorials

Live online sessions for the whole organization are available, including separate targeted webinars or tutorials that the Leadership Team can attend.

The targeted themes of the webinars and tutorials are informed by the neuro-analytics data received from the Group / Organizational Heatmap


Individual / Team Coaching sessions

A Neurozone®-Certified coach will facilitate discussions using the Neurozone® reports as a reference to unlock insights regarding individual/team performance-boosting and -inhibiting behaviors.

These sessions aim to create a safe space to explore the internal beliefs, habits, and workings of the team, and to commit to actions that will help build resilience and set the individuals/teams up for high performance readiness.

Group Coaching Workshops

With Group Coaching-Workshops, we can accommodate multiple teams simultaneously. These Coaching-Workshops aim to give a broad overview that covers feedback to all teams, and acts as an educational mechanism to empower teams to work through their report together.

During these Coaching-Workshop sessions, teams will break into breakout rooms to answer guiding questions, discuss their team report together, and commit to team actions.

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Team report training

Team Report training sessions are aimed to equip team leaders to understand the High Performance Team Report, and to empower them with tools on how to practically use the team report with their team.

Project Management

Support is available for the seamless roll-out of the Neurozone® Team Effectiveness Journey through administering the Neurozone® assessments, providing team leaders with regular App subscriber engagement and progress updates (frequency of which is agreed upon prior to project inception), and ensuring all project stages (planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing) are successfully executed.

Subscriber updates are required to ensure that all individuals have completed their in-app assessment before the Team Report and Heatmap Reports are delivered. Progress updates include a limited amount of reminder emails to App subscribers.

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Focus Sessions

These are fortnightly two-hour sessions where the organizational development consultant reflects on the interventions and changes that occurred in the previous two weeks, and plans for the upcoming two weeks. During these sessions, the organizational development consultant will answer any questions the organization may have. After each session, the client will receive an updated report that includes intervention plans and data on user engagement with targeted interventions.

Organizational Development Consulting Support

Additional consulting support from an organizational development consultant can be purchased to support decision-making or the effective roll-out of the program.


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