The Neurozone® Organizational / Group Heatmap

Receive high-level insights to inform your strategic decision-making process

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How does it work?

A custom-made analytic report provides an overview and detailed analysis of critical organizational factors.

These include the organization’s:

  • resilience levels

  • high performance readiness

  • burnout risk

  • and required organizational outcomes

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The report also provides neuroscientific data insights and recommendations across divisions, departments, teams (etc.) that can inform strategic decision-making.

Heatmaps can be used to inform targeted interventions for the organization as a whole or on a departmental or group level.

Results are derived from individual responses from the High Performance Apps personal assessment and thus recommendations that inform strategic decisions are made on a personal level.

The Basic Heatmap includes six comparison groups; however, more comparison groups can be included at an additional price.

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Prevent burnout

Build resilience

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