Neurozone®  Masterclasses

Practical applications of neuroscience that sets you up for personal and organizational mastery


How does it work?

Dr Etienne van der Walt, CEO, Co-Founder, and former neurologist, shares critical neuroscience insights that can be applied in your organization - setting you up for personal and organizational mastery.

Practical themes include:

  •  Resilience and High Performance Readiness

    • Learn about chronic stress, inflammation, burnout, and implosion - and how to prevent it

  • Discover and explore the five High Performance Domains:

    • High Performance Connectors

    • High Performance Transformers 

    • High Performance Rhythms 

    • High Performance Energy

    • High Performance Innovators

  • How to leverage the limited capacity of your brain, and how to sustain your high performance

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Prevent burnout, build resilience and unlock high performance