The Neurozone® High Performance App

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The Neurozone High Performance App
Neurozone High Performance App

The Purpose

Building Resilience

In a globalized and rapidly accelerating world, we are all at risk of developing chronic stress and burnout. The global mental pandemic is a reality. Maintaining healthy brain-body rhythms, growing resilience, improving mindfulness, and taking care to become and remain deeply connected with the people around us, are critical if we want to survive. In organizations where leaders and teams need to maintain a high level of performance, building resilience is even more critical.

The Neurozone® High Performance App has been designed by science experts who understand the brain-body system deeply. They also have a keen understanding of human behavior and performance, especially in the business context. Using the revolutionary Neurozone® High Performance Code, the app provides a dynamic high performance journey for organizational leaders and their teams.

Your Journey

Our app takes you on a journey to High Performance. It begins with a promise from our side: we’ve studied the data of thousands of people globally. We’ve learned which behaviors are the most effective in building people’s ability in decreasing burnout, increasing resilience, and setting themselves up for High Performance

The Assessment

1. The Assessment

Your first step in the app will be an assessment of where you are right now in terms of your ability to perform at your best.

2. Your Personal Report

Once we’ve processed your data, we’ll generate a comprehensive Personal Report that you are most welcome to download, read, and enjoy.

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Your Results and Recommendations

3. Your Results and Recommendations

In the app, we’ll provide you with your Neurozone Index - a score that gives you an idea of where you are right now. We’ll also provide you with the most effective Paths towards building your capacity for high performance.

4. Your Journey 

For the next month or more you will learn more about the Paths we’ve recommended, get encouragements and tips, and you can track Actions, to give yourself a sense of progress.

Your App Journey
Check in with yourself

5. Check in and see your progress

Once a week we’ll remind you to check in with yourself.

Giving yourself a bit of time to consider where you are and where you are heading is incredibly important for your well-being. Our weekly invitation is a reminder to pause, breathe, and simply be with the amazing person you already are.

The Benefits

Backed by neuroscience



Increase your Resilience 

Resilience is your capacity to bounce back from adversity with intention, learning, and growth. Your ability to perform at your best depends greatly on how resilient you are. We’ll recommend the most effective ways to grow your resilience.


Build your Brain-Body Health

The human brain-body system works rhythmically. Observing, optimizing, and cooperating with our brain-body rhythms is crucial to unlocking High Performance.


Optimize your Energy

Human energy is finite. We need to assign it optimally and to the right tasks. Positive emotional states maximize the amount of energy we can assign to tasks. Negative emotional states deplete our energy. Grow your optimism, curiosity, and humor.


Really Connect with People Around you

Feeling genuinely connected with the people around you is essential for your survival. Learn about the roles that belonging, entrustment, and empathy play in your "capacity for high performance and how to easily grow your sense of connection.


Get greater clarity of thought

Learn to interpret and respond optimally to what is happening around you in every present moment.


Learn More. Learn Faster

You can only be as innovative as what you know. Most neuroscientists today agree with this thinking about learning and innovation. Learn to frequently reflect on your knowledge and experience.


What people are saying

Neurozone® High Performance App

"Neurozone® provided that holistic approach to my growth trajectory that I needed to embark on, because it offered a new way of thinking, well-being of my body and mind coupled with a depth of learning that I didn't anticipate. I am now a proudly certified Neurozone coach, and eager to do my part in guiding others on this course towards optimal performance."

Leah Kitoloh
Talent and Performance Strategist

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