The Neurozone® High Performance Course

A deeper understanding of the neuroscience behind resilience can help you and the people you lead or teach to unlock their high performance and reduce burnout risk.

High Performance Course

How does it work?

Dr Etienne van der Walt 1
  • Led by Subject Matter Expert:
    • Dr Etienne van der Walt
12 week online course
  • 12-week online course:
    • 2 hours per week
a self paced learning journey
  • A self-paced learning journey
    • The neuroscience behind resilience and burnout
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How does it work

The details:

This is a 12-week online commitment to your personal journey, which will help you to understand and integrate the Neurozone® High Performance drivers for significant personal enhancement and equip you to take your team and those you lead or teach to the next level.

You can expect to dedicate around 2 hours per week to work through all theoretical modules.

What will I learn?

  • Learn about:
    • How the brain keeps us alive, ensures we survive, and enables us to thrive
    • The neuroscience of creativity and innovation
    • Neuroplasticity and how the brain continuously physically changes 
    • The nature of the unconscious brain and how to utilize the unconscious brain for higher performance
  • Study the critical importance of:
    • Chronic Stress and Burnout
    • Resilience
    • Self-Leadership
    • Complex Problem-solving
What will I learn
Benefits of the High Performance Course

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Any individual interested in improving resilience and high performance – personally, or in a team or group, especially:
    • Leaders
    • Teachers
    • Human Resources Professionals
    • Physicians
    • Lawyers

What people are saying

Neurozone® High Performance Course

“Understanding how the brain works helps leaders to better understand how processing information, problem- solving and making decisions impact those around us.

Dr Etienne’s easy, conversational style of delivery and engagement makes the acquisition of knowledge and ability to apply simple and realistic, which definitely assisted me to assimilate the lessons learnt and capabilities acquired. Would recommend this to any leader striving to achieve success in their role and equipping themselves for the future!”

Liesl C Petersen
Group HR: Leadership and Management Development Specialist at Nedbank

Neurozone® High Performance Course

“Hereby I just want to express my sincere thanks for being part of this course.

Not only did the content give me a lot of insight and understanding of my own being and brain, but it also equipped me with a better knowledge of and empathy for other individuals as well as group dynamics.
Much appreciation for everyone involved in creating and presenting this course."
Eljo Potgieter 
Mentor, Communitas

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