The Neurozone® Personal Assessment

Use a cutting-edge neuroscientific analytic assessment to identify your level of resilience and get resilience-building personalized recommendations to prevent burnout and set you up for your best performance.

You can receive a report via the:

  • Neurozone® High Performance App
  • Neurozone® Web-based Assessment
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how does it work?

How does it work? 

We use our analysis system to determine your most impactful individual recommendations. This simply means that you cultivate the behaviors that will give you the best resilience boost for your efforts.

Practically, the Neurozone® Personal Assessment not only provides personalized recommendations, it also prioritizes them – specific to each individual.

The Neurozone High Performance App

Neurozone High Performance App

Complete the Neurozone® Personal Assessment through the Neurozone® High Performance App.

The App provides a customized and dynamic guided journey to help you unlock your high performance and to play your A-game.

The Neurozone Web-based Assessment

Complete the Neurozone® Personal Assessment online.

This provides a quick-and-easy way for individuals to receive their Neurozone® Personal Report.

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